Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Who Was Driving?

Vehicle accidents include a lot of different scenarios. Usually, they involve a car, truck, motorcycle or like apparatus hitting something, such as another car, truck or motorcycle, a pedestrian, or some fixed object. However, when the wind blows a shopping cart across the parking lot and it hits your unoccupied car, that's not an accident. That's a civil matter between you and the store, and I don't do civil matters. If  you can show that someone did it on purpose, it's a criminal act and I can do a criminal report. But it's not an accident.

You can loom over me and imperiously tell me that it is an accident and you demand an accident report all you want, but I'm not doing one. You can threaten to call my supervisor if I don't take an accident report all you want, but I'm not doing one. You can fume and sulk and sigh and say, "I don't believe this. This is bullshit!" like you're a victim all you want, but I'm not doing one. I've been doing this job a couple of days now, and I'm starting to get pretty good at it.


Jason said...

If the owner of the vehicle needed a police report in order for their insurance company to cover the damage, is there anything you could write up for them?

Anonymous said...

I picture you in the second picture, driving away from Dude who really, really wants his accident report.


Officer Cynical said...

Jason - No. We don't (can't) get involved in such civil issues. We have no authority.

Anonymous - Except for the partner, which I don't have, that's me ALL - DAY - LONG!