Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snap, Crackle, Flop

Hey! If you have some food item to sell that has some crunchy, crackly, snappy quality, you absolutely are not being clever by making yet one more tired commercial that uses those sounds, coupled with human grunts, mmmmm's, ooooh's, and other noises, in some rhythmic manner that approximates musical meter. And, no, people stomping, jumping, sliding and clapping don't make it any better. If you think I'm sitting in front of my TV tapping my foot and snapping my fingers in time to your misguided attempt to be clever, you're mistaken. In fact, Mrs. Cynical is holding me down while I struggle to get past her and put my foot through the screen. Only once has anything like that ever been used successfully, and it had nothing to do with food.

And while I'm at it, people singing stupid, off-key lyrics is not helping you sell car insurance. Stop ruining TV, godammit!


Anonymous said...

And adding to that:

children singing off-key isn't adorable, it's trite and annoying as hell

Andy Syms said...

In a word... TiVo!

The only TV we watch in real time is Formula 1 and that's on the BBC so no adverts anyway.

Everything else is recorded to TiVo and we fast forward the adverts on playback.