Monday, April 13, 2015

College Basketball

I think it's genetic. I hate basketball. I know absolutely nothing about it, and I don't follow it at any level. My Dad never watched it, so neither did I. I also pretty much hate college sports across the board. I don't follow or care about any teams. My Dad never paid any attention to any of it, so I didn't either. We were (and I still am) a big fan of pro football, baseball, hockey, name it. But basketball? Forget about it. College sports of any kind? Not interested. And college basketball? Just kill me.

So, of course, I always invest heavily in the NCAA basketball pool.

This year, I got scientific. I looked on line and in the newspapers, and put together a consensus of all the experts' picks. I filled out the entire bracket, not knowing a single thing other than what other people were predicting.

Guess what? I won $300.


Don said...

Good job

My bracket was shattered the first weekend

Anonymous said...

Off Cynical, would you do a post on what yor thoughts are on what seems
To be the rash of irresponsible shootings of civilians by police of late?