Friday, April 10, 2015


No, I don't believe that your house, filled with dog and cat feces, and strewn with every imaginable form of garbage, has only been that way for 3 days. Turds don't grow white fungus toupees in just 3 days. Besides, it would take 100 dogs to produce that much shit in 3 days - not just the few adults and litter of pups you're busy torturing. The absence of food and water for your pets makes me wonder how they manage to poop at all. That you have a 3-year-old living with you in this indescribable squalor, while you spend a fortune on all those tattoos, all that jewelry, and all the dope you smoke in those pipes I saw laying around your house, is a true measure of your character.


Anonymous said...

Ick. I hope the child and the dogs were removed and the adults are banned from owning dogs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first poster. Take the kids and the animals. Let the adults fester in their own crap.

migraineur said...

On top of being banned from having any pets, can they please be spayed or neutered (the humans, not the animals, although they should be too)?