Thursday, April 30, 2015

Acme Exterminators

A woman calls 911 to report she found a baby "rodent" near her fence. She has no idea what kind of "rodent" it is, but she's apparently upset that it would trespass on her property. She thinks it might be sick or injured, and she wants a police officer to come to her house and take care of it. But she's not going to wait for a police officer to show up, because she has errands to run.

I have just one question, ma'am: "Who the hell do you think you are? And why do you need a cop to handle this?" I'm sorry, that's two questions.


Anonymous said...

In my city we are routinely called to take care of sick or injured raccoons. We shoot them and do a use of force report. No joke

Mad Jack said...

Certainly Ma'am, I'll be happy to handle it.


Uh, Ma'am? Do you happen to have an extra garbage bag?

Angry Psychiatrist said...

Is there not anyway to fine people like this for inappropriate use of 911? Or breathing oxygen that could have been better used by someone else? Anything?