Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All-Time Most Overrated

With the deliberate intent of fomenting unrest among my readers, here are my personal selections that come to mind every single time I see/hear them:

Most Overrated Actor: TIE - Sean Penn (once declaring guns "cowardly killing machines" hilariously now portraying "ex-special forces" Gunman) and Al Pacino ("I'm deep. Very deep. Just very, very troubled and subdued and deep.")

Most Overrated Actress: TIE - Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts (somebody once told them they were funny)

Most Overrated Singer (Male): Arlo Guthrie (An icon of my generation. Never got it, never will)

Most Overrated Singer (Female): TIE - Whitney Houston (You know, sometimes just holding a single note wouldn't hurt) and Nancy Sinatra (Even the last name didn't help, did it?)

Most Overrated Movie: Forrest Gump (My first words after I left the theater: "I think I've been had!")

Most Overrated Comedian: TIE Redd Foxx ("Let me grunt another curse word!") and Robin Williams (I had had enough at about Patch Adams)

Most Overrated Comedienne: TIE - Lisa Lampanelli ("I wish I was Don Rickles.") and Wanda Sykes ("I Wish I was Redd Foxx.")

Most Overrated Talk Show Host: TIE - Conan O'Brien and Ellen DeGeneres (They are actually one and the same person: "See how I can strike an awkward pose and make a face? I'm hilarious.")

Most Overrated Author: Stephen King ("You're not even trying anymore, are you?")

Add categories. Add nominations. Praise and/or curse my selections. I'm waiting.....

Disclaimer: This was written before the deaths of a couple of these people, but I opted not to change them.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you on Wanda Sykes - horrible and not even funny.

Rita said...

Most over rated movie has to be _Dances With Wolves_--evil white people, exploited doomed Native Americans, inexplicable evil Native Americans, exploited doomed bison--and cute wolves.

Carolyn said...

At last! Someone other than me thinks Robin Williams is overrated! Even before his suicide it was not a popular thing to say out loud, but I have always felt that way.

I have another nomination for overrated movie - freaking Titanic. I resented having seen it - its a truly lame, trite and unsatisfying love story used as cover for giving a guided tour of a recreated famous ship that sunk - that's it! It came out right around my birthday and right around the time Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas came out - I wanted to go see that but my college roommates were HORRIFIED I would even consider seeing another movie until I had seen Titanic AT LEAST once. We came out of the theater and I guess the look on my face answered their question of "Sooooo?!?!? Did you LOVE it?!?!?"

No ... no, I didn't.

Stacey Gordon said...

The Beatles, as the most overrated band. The early years were 1950's re-makes and a few cutsie songs. Then they became a screaming teenage girl boy band for a couple years, then, brooding, reclusive, studio musicians that wanted to be taken more seriously as "arteests". Some of the songs they wrote are good, but they were not, and never were "rockers".
The Rolling Stones kick their asses from here to Canarsie.

Anonymous said...

Ron Santo also overrated.

But I dare not say that out loud here in Chicago, lest they hang me.

Anonymous said...

I hate Forrest Gump. I don't just think it's overrated, I actively hate it.

Laura said...

YES to talk show host! My mother obsesses over Ellen & I have no idea why! And I hate Forrest Gump as well.

Anonymous said...

You nailed the talk show hosts. Id add Gweneth Paltrow to most overrated actress...Sorry, I love Forrest Gump. Simply because it reminds me of that ever present person in each of our lives who seems to claim responsibility for all that is good in the world, you know like inventing the wheel and sliced white bread.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Sean Penn beat the crap out of Madonna when they were married. So, he really is an expert on bravery.

The f*7^ing nerve of him to talk about cowardice.