Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Mrs. Cynical helped me set up a Twitter account today. I've always thought that Twitter was strictly for smart phone users. I have a dumb phone - one of those ones where you have to press the buttons about 400 times to text "Hi". But, hey, you can use Twitter on your laptop or desktop, so now I'm in!

I learned that I can see my own Twitters (Tweets?), and those of the people/entities I follow, and I can see Twits from other people/entities I don't follow when the people/entities I do follow re-Twat them. I can also get pseudo-Twainted via "Notification", which the people/entities I follow also can see, and by "Direct Messages", which they cannot.

And if I want to put a subject in my Twerps, I can precede the subject word with hashbrowns, although I don't know how one could possibly do that.

So, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this Twitter account, but I have one, so follow me or Twatter me or "Notification" me or "Direct Message" me, and I might respond if I can figure out how.



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Anonymous said...

#hashbrowns lmfao with eggs?