Friday, July 11, 2014

Officers In Mirror Are Angrier Than They Appear

When you look into your rear view mirror and see a cop car screaming up behind you with its lights and siren going, here's what not to do:

- stay in the left lane and slow way down
- stay in the left lane and stop
- continue in the left lane until you come to a left-turn lane, then pull into that
- pull part way up onto the median strip
- continue into the next intersection and move slightly to one side so both lanes are blocked
- cross the center line and drive into oncoming traffic
- anything else other than immediately pull all the way over to the right and stop

I mean, isn't that driver's ed 101? What the hell.....!


Anonymous said...

It makes my crazy too.

Murphy said...

My father always told me I could go in the right lane, put my flashers on, and drive slowly to a well lit area if I needed to. Is this ok? I haven't been pulled over in 9 years but I worry if I ever do this I'll get yelled at.

TheTracker said...

What if I pull to the right but slowly creep forward at 5-10mph because although I know I'm supposed to stop, I'm just too damn important? Would that be OK?