Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When I Take Your Kids

When you, a known alcoholic and meth user, somehow get custody of your 6-month-old twins and 2-year-old son, AND

You leave those kids with your current girlfriend, another drug abuser, and disappear for several days, THEN

Your current girlfriend then calls your ex-wife, yet another meth head, and tells her to come and get the kids or she'll dump them with child welfare, SO

Your ex-wife then calls your parents, also regular police clients, and asks them to take the kids because she doesn't want them, BUT

A complete stranger shows up at your parents' trailer with the kids in tow, but no food, formula, diapers, or clothing appropriate for the weather, AND

Your parents call me, not knowing where to turn next.

I am happy as hell to take those poor kids into protective custody, because I know anywhere else but with you will be a huge improvement. And when you call me, all pissed off and threatening my job for taking your kids, I say that if I lose my job over this then you can fucking have it.


Jono said...

Two words. Preventive sterilization.

Anonymous said...

OMG, thank you for looking out for the welfare of those kids! I am a foster parent, and sadly, we just had two kids returned to their drug abusing, meth cooking parents.

Anonymous said...

Another foster/adoptive mom here. I also thank you. Lets just hope the System does right by them now.

Mad Jack said...

You done real good. Thank you for rescuing those children.