Friday, February 27, 2015

Poor You

You're a cab driver. Like me, you make a living mostly driving around in a circle all day. And, like me, you know that you're entrusted with an expensive machine that doesn't belong to you (my fully tricked-out squad car is about $150K), and that your employer trusts you to use it carefully. Today, by your own admission, you "took your eyes off the road for just a second", and slammed into the back of a woman who was minding her own business.

Don't even try to tell me how hard you braked before hitting her, and that you "couldn't stop" - your radiator was shoved clear back to your firewall, so I know you never touched your brakes. And don't, when I write you a ticket, give me that exasperated sigh and high school girl eye roll. You're just lucky that the woman miraculously wasn't injured, that neither car caught fire, and that you just got a pay-out careless driving citation.

It really could've been much, much worse. For both of you.


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