Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Is Rule 1

I was reminded again today by the topless drunk woman we had to remove from a crappy hotel room:

There is no good naked in police work.


Barbara said...

Movies and television have deceived me yet again on the nature of police work.

Anonymous said...

I might add that there is no good naked in medicine either; sorry to disappoint you fans of medical dramas.

Anonymous said...

I am proud* of giving cops a good naked. I was in college, illegally in a natural hot spring on a mountainside at night. We were rousted by helicopter. We all got out naked, we were all nubile late teens/early 20s. Walked out nicely, didn't need the cops to touch us, and they saw lots of wet bouncing boobies.

*Proud as in fond memories of my youth!