Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't Call Me, Chapter 107

First of all, if you call the cops because you've had an automobile "accident", stick around until we get there. Because the parking lot is full of cars, and it's hard to tell which one's been in an "accident" when you leave the scene to finish shopping. I don't have time to go into the store and hunt you up.

Second, an automobile "accident" requires that there be some visible damage. I don't do reports when two cars touch, and there's absolutely no visible damage.

Finally, I definitely don't do reports because you think there may be "undercarriage" damage that doesn't show up right now. I can pretty much guarantee you that when there's absolutely no visible damage to the outside of your car, there's not gonna be any invisible damage to your "undercarriage". If you're going to own and drive a car, you might want to try being a grown-up, too.


MBee said...

Years ago, someone opened their door into traffic and someone hit it. No visible damage and it opened / closed w/o issue. The other vehicle had the dust disturbed on the bumper.

The driver wanted the police to get involved so they refused to move the car, and walked to the courthouse (which was the closest bldg.) to get one. They declined to write a report.

So, the driver wanted them to write a report so there was a record that she did not break any driving laws and there was no damage. Yes, she asked for a written report that there was no need for an accident report.

Meanwhile, the idiot who didn't look before they opened the door and had no complaints was late for their appointment.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I've been rear-ended and there was no visible damage to the bumper aside from a scuff. During a later repair that involved removing the bumper, it was discovered that the mounting brackets were completely destroyed, and the plastic bumper just bounced back into place. (I couldn't believe that there was no damage, it was a hard impact!)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is possible to have damage that isn't immediately visible, but still needs attention-that bumper probably would not have held up in a subsequent (potential) impact had that not been discovered.