Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Reason Auctions End With the Word: "Sold!"

I don't care what any of the on-line auction sites tell you in their TV commercials. You are not "winning" anything. You're buying it. It's not in any sense a contest to be "won", except maybe you're competing to spend the most money. Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but I don't care. It irritates the shit out of me to hear these shills saying, "I won the very first auction I bid on!" No, you didn't. You bought something, just as sure as if you'd gone to the store and gotten it.

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sp77 said...

My favorite are the horse rescue ladies who "rescue" horses from livestock auctions. Competitively bidding on the worst looking animal at the auction seems less like a rescue, more like a poor purchasing decision.

Whoever "wins" ends up soliciting donations to rehabilitate the animal, then when that fails, donations to offer the the animal lifetime sanctuary. Or they get the half-dead horse home, refuse to euthanize it as per their vet's advice, and Animal Control has to step in...

Such a waste of resources!