Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That's Why It's Called Being "Pulled Over"

I honestly appreciate your willingness to immediately stop when I attempt to pull you over for speeding. However, before you do so, it helps if you first actually pull over. As in to the side of the road.

When you just stop in the middle of road,  and sit there and wait until I get out of my squad and walk up and tell you to pull over, it puts both of us in danger. You know - just stopped there in the middle of all that traffic with people honking and cussing and barreling around us and stuff.

But I really do appreciate the thought.


Heidi said...

Awww, must have been a first timer. The concern fully disengaged his/her brain.

Anonymous said...

Today, I saw cops block off the entire 3-lanes of eastbound traffic on a busy boulevard because of a shuttle/pedestrian accident, and there were east-bound drivers who thought that meant they were allowed to drive into the west-bound lanes to get around the accident. FAIL.

I watched the cops pull over two drivers that did this IN A ROW.

Kuffum said...

When learning to drive many moons ago, my Father, also a cop, taught me if stopped by the police, look for a safe area to pull over where I could get my vehicle off the road FULLY and leave a wide margin of walking space for the officer to park his vehicle behind mine and safely walk out of traffic to my car. I have always done this when possible and that alone usually gets a big thank you from the officer doing the stop. Hands on the wheel at all times until asked for license etc. and this has usually prevented my even getting a ticket.

Yogi said...

So, many moons ago (I'm thinking like 1974), I was driving too fast in the left lane of the New York State Throughway, when a set of Christmas lights appeared in my rear view mirror. So, being all of 17 and my brain not completely functional, I pulled over immediately.

Onto the left shoulder of the highway.

My ass still remembers the chewing out I got.