Monday, August 18, 2014

Just How Stupid Do You Think I Am?

Theft of anything that can be sold as scrap metal is rampant here. Yesterday I got a call about a guy stealing scrap radiators from a body shop. The shop owner had followed the guy and gotten a really good look at him, and had even gotten the make, model and plate of his car.

I went to the guy's house, and there he and his car were in the driveway. The guy flatly denied taking the radiators, and said he and the car had been there at home all day.


1) The car and the guy match the descriptions perfectly, and the body shop owner comes over and positively IDs the guy;

2) The keys are in the ignition, and the engine is red hot;

3) There are fresh drops of antifreeze on the rear bumper and the driveway;

4) There scrap radiators tossed into the window well of the guy's house.

He continued to deny he was involved all the way to jail.

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I dunno... I'm all for giving a guy the benefit of the doubt ... I mean, is there a possibility you were a tad bit over-zealous in the execution of your duties here? I mean, this sounds like almost borderline police brutality, kind of maybe . . .