Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Scared

I'm transporting yet another drunk to detox. I tell him I need to hurry and get him there, because I'm due to testify in court in 20 minutes.

Mr. Bill: (from the back seat of my squad car) "Hey, this is about me, man. It doesn't matter what else you have to do. I gotta get to detox."

Officer Cynical: "Uh, that's exactly what we're doing - getting you to detox. All I said was we have to hurry so I can get to court on time."

Mr. Bill: "That don't matter. Yer job is to get me to detox."

Officer Cynical: "Dude, I'm doing that. But we're gonna make it quick so I can make it to court."

Mr. Bill: "This is bullshit. I've never been treated like this in my life. I thought cops were supposed to help people."

Officer Cynical: "How are you being treated any way other than well? I could've told you to take a cab to detox and left you on your own. You're getting a free ride, courtesy of the taxpayers."

Mr. Bill: "This is bullshit, man. People know who I am. Important people. You just lost your job. And I'll see you in court. You're gonna pay."

Officer Cynical: "OK."

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lbparker said...

Alcohol in large, sustained doses = dementia. Sad.