Monday, March 30, 2015

Knock, Knock

One of the things I teach my trainees is how to serve arrest warrants. I keep tabs on who on my beat has felony-level warrants, and try to make the time to at least make an attempt to locate them. Now, most often the address we have for the wanted person is no good anymore - they've hightailed it a long time ago. But sometimes we get lucky.

One night, a trainee and I went looking for a guy who had federal drug warrants. I briefed my trainee on who we're looking for, we checked his mug shot out on the MDC, and headed to his address of record. I totally expected it to be an exercise in futility.

My trainee knocks on the apartment door, and.....the wanted guy opens it. So, now there's three of us standing there looking dumbfounded. I snap out of it and ask the guy to come out in the hallway to talk to me, and he does. As soon as he does, we put the grabbus on him and get him cuffed. His girlfriend is inside the apartment is screaming at us that how dare we come to her home and arrest her man in front of all the kids. The guy is going bananas, screaming that he's never done anything wrong in his whole life, and the whole thing is a  misunderstanding, and blah, blah, blah. We get the hell out of there and our boy goes to jail.

If you don't swing the bat, you don't get a hit.

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