Friday, March 27, 2015

Debtors' Prison

No, you're mistaken: it's not harassment when your former landlord, to whom you admit you owe money:

- calls you at home, demanding his money
- calls you at work, demanding his money
- calls your friends, neighbors, and relatives, trying to locate you so he can collect his money
- files a civil suit to collect his money
- tries to serve civil papers on you at home
- tries to serve civil papers on you at work

Hey, here's a thought: You have a pretty good job. Pay the guy what you owe him, and I'm betting he'll leave you alone. Don't call me because you don't pay your bills and your debtors don't like it.


Carolyn said...

wow. I don't know how you suffer these scumbags as well as you do, I really don't. You hear dumb news stories all the time about 911 getting called about receiving the wrong fast food order and things like that ... the Pollyanna in me wanted to believe those things made the news because they were so rare, but reading your blog dispels that myth - instead I find myself wondering how much of your day is spent dealing with people who think your job is to settle their minor and/or self-created problems. "My landlord is harassing me because I am non-paying scum!!!!" For real?!?!

Officer Cynical said...

I would guesstimate that about 25% of my calls are for things I can't (technically) do anything about. A lot of it is advising, refereeing, mediating counseling, medical/psychological, etc.

Don said...

It might be a violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices act for his former landlord to contact his friends, neighbors and family.

But it is a Civil matter, not a criminal one.

Still a deadbeat.