Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Klaatu berada nikto

Cops have people come up to them just to talk all the time. Often it's a parent with a kid, and I like those interactions. Sometimes it's some drunk with nothing better to do, and I usually disengage myself from that immediately. And sometimes it's a seemingly normal person, who turns out to be from another galaxy.

A couple of us were at a truck stop having coffee - one of those huge places just off the interstate, with gas pumps, a convenience store, and an attached sit-down restaurant. The convenience store and restaurant are separated by a seating area, which is where we were. A woman, whose outward appearance was that of a normal Earthling, approaches our table:

Mrs. Gort: "Excuse me, officers, but what is this place?
(officers immediately sense insanity and begin exchanging nervous glances)
Officer Cynical: "What?"
Mrs. Gort: "What kind of place is this?"
Officer Cynical: "Well, it's a truck stop, if that's what you mean."
Mrs. Gort: (points to convenience store area) "So, is that a convenience store over there, where I can buy snacks and stuff?"
Officer Cynical: "Yes."
Mrs. Gort: (points to restaurant with huge "RESTAURANT" sign over door) "And is that a restaurant in there where we can sit down and have a meal?"
Officer Cynical: "Yes."
Mrs. Gort: "And we can get gas outside and pay for it in the convenience store, correct?"
Officer Cynical: "As I understand it, that's the way it works."
Mrs. Gort: (points to restaurant with no lights on and padlocked iron gate across entrance) "Do you know if the restaurant is open now?"
Officer Cynical: "It would appear not, but you could check."
Mrs. Gort: "OK, officers, thanks for your help and have a nice day."
Officer Cynical: "You, too."

(Mrs. Gort rejoins her family, who have been huddled together, gawking at us, and they wander off in the direction of the obviously closed restaurant.)

Officer Sarcasma: "So, my entire left side just went numb. Is that a stroke or a heart attack?"

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Grumpy, M.D. said...

Neither. His left side has been taken over by the Gortians. All hail Glaaktu!