Thursday, September 4, 2014


I have to foot-chase this asshole who runs from me on a traffic stop. In the process, I fall and bust my ass, but still manage to catch the guy. I get him back to my squad car, where Officer Sweetheart is waiting.

Officer Sweetheart: "You OK?"

Officer Cynical: "Yeah, I fell while I was chasing this moron, but I think I'm OK."

Officer Sweetheart: "So, what are you charging him with?"

Officer Cynical: "Everything I can think of."

Officer Sweetheart: "You know, a little sympathy wouldn't hurt. You don't know what kind of problems this guy has that made him act this way. Try to be more sensitive."

Officer Cynical: "Hey, if you make me run after you, you get charged for it. How about you never back me up on a call again?"


Madaline Chance said...


Anonymous said...

The other officer did nothing to help you catch the guy, and then offered criticism? Well, that's too perfect. I guess they had time to reflect on things while watching the guy run away.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she should run as the next democratic vp