Monday, September 15, 2014


I've been working the same beat for several years. And at least once a week, I get dispatched to deal with Earl. To say Earl is a down-and-out alcoholic is like saying the sun's core is warm. Every time I go there, he's laying in the apartment hallway in his underwear, essentially unresponsive. He's always completely immune to the sternum rub, which means he has to go to the ER via ambulance. The paramedics know Earl by name, they've been there so often.

Anyway, one day last week we were short-handed, so I got reassigned for the day to a beat clear on the other side of the city from where I usually work. Part way through the day I get dispatched to a welfare check on someone. I walk into the apartment, and guess who's laying there passed out? Earl has been evicted from his apartment on my beat (YAY!) and is now living here. So, of course, the one day I work a different beat I have to deal with him. Earl, I hope you enjoy your new digs. And I hope the regular beat officer enjoys his new regular customer as much as I have.


Anonymous said...

I think they call this job security.

Anonymous said...

He just wanted to say goodbye!