Wednesday, September 10, 2014

No Means No

Officer Cynical: "Sorry, I have nothing but bad news for you. You'll have to appear in court on this no-insurance citation."

Mr. D. Nide: "OK."

Mr. Cynical: "And your car is going to the impound lot."

Mr. D. Nide: "What?! Can't I just pull it into the parking lot right there and leave it? I promise I won't drive it!"

Officer Cynical: "No."

Mr. D. Nide: "I live just two blocks from here. Can't I just drive to my house? I'll leave it in the driveway from now on."

Officer Cynical: "No."

Mr. D. Nide: "You can even follow me to make sure I go straight home."

Officer Cynical: (has vision of D. Nide mowing down crosswalk full of kindergarteners just ahead of police escort) "No."

Mr. D. Nide: "Come on, man! Please?"

Officer Cynical: "No."

Mr. D. Nide: "This is bullshit!" (stomps off)


Don said...

I wish they would automatically impound the vehicles of people in my State who drive without insurance.

I remember my sister getting her car totalled on a freeway onramp, by someone without insurance.

The person was allowed to drive away in her 2 year old Firebird.

My sister never got a dime from her. She had to use the uninsured motorist portion of her insurance coverage to get her car repaired. But her insurance company was a pain about it.

Didn't seem fair.

Anonymous said...

There are times though, when I don't see the point of impounding the vehicle. If it is insured and it's not a moving violation (etc) then why not let it be parked for a few hours before towing?