Monday, December 29, 2014

Stop Lying About The Cops

This article by Rich Lowry appeared in the New York Post on December 24, 2014. It exposes the absolute absurdity of the mass condemnation of police officers that's so popular right now.


Sharon GARDNER said...

God bless you for your courage and struggle to keep us safe at home. Some young people need to be taught respect for authority and property. Parents of these young people who have been shot need to be scrutinized and exposed for not teaching their children how to be adults.

Anonymous said...

Then stop the cops shooting innocent (until proven guilty, I believe) people in the street.
You choose to put your life on the line, though the notion that all police are altruistic is nonsense -- if you don't like the way that The People react (intended caps, these are the folks that pay you and make the law) move to a saner country.

Don said...

As public servants, I think that we should be able to criticize our police agencies.

I have been critical of the administration of my local police department because I believe the Police Chief is more interested in growing the Police Department, to the detriment of any other needs in our community.
My community was recently ranked as the safest in my State. Following the riots Ferguson, the Police Chief was in the Mayors Office asking for more money, to buy riot gear now. Because it might happen in our Community.

This is a Police Department that already gets 80% of our City Budget.

I loved our Mayor's response, because it means the criticism is starting to work. "My question to you Chief, is what are you doing wrong as a department, that your actions are evoking such a strong reaction, that you think a riot is potentially brewing."

Reality, there is no riot brewing, he just wanted a bunch of new toys.

Pam said...

Thank you for all you do, Officer Cynical. I am amazed at the selflessness I routinely see out of our law enforcement.

shrillr said...

Thank you, Officer Cynical for what you do. I don't think I'm in the minority when I say I stand behind behind you and your fellow officers, although it sure seems that way based on media coverage and idiot anonymous posters.
Also, Don - it's wonderful you live in such a safe community. I'm guessing that law enforcement has nothing to do with that, despite their 80%(really?)take of your city's budget. That's probably because all social ills (poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, etc etc etc) have been dealt with successfully by your local politicians with the remaining 20% of their budget. Or you're full of shit. Either way, I'll take my society with some law enforcement thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem with both supporting and criticizing law enforcement. It's not one or the other. Clearly there are issues, just as there are clearly good points. (Hey, not all bankers are responsible business people either - we have to accept that all groups have highs and lows) It's something we need to talk about, not pretend that problems do not occur, simply because they may not affect us.