Friday, December 5, 2014

Running in Circles

Here's an example of a call that makes me want to slit my wrists:

I'm dispatched to an apartment building (no apartment number given) because an internet-based phone service called police to say that they had received a text message from someone (no name given), who they believe lives at that address, claiming that another person (no name give) who might live at that address was yelling at a cat. I am not making this up.

To recap: Two cops dispatched to an unknown person, in an unknown apartment, at a possible address, where another unknown person, in an unknown apartment, is sending text messages to an on-line company, saying that the first unknown person is yelling at a cat.

And people wonder why cops have a higher than average incidence of alcoholism.


Anonymous said...

Regarding feeling suicidal "slit my wrists". A feeling and and action are two different things, a person can not feel suicidal, but they can THINK suicidal from what they are feeling. They can think of an action as a result of their feeling, but the feeling and action are not one and the same.

Anonymous said...

And...another reason why cops have a higher than average incidence of alcoholism.

Moose said...

This is the cop version of "My computer is broken. It's not working. Stop asking me questions and fix it or I'll call your manager and have you fired."

Anonymous said...

Why did the dispatcher send anyone on this call? Don't dispatchers have some discretion to filter out the obviously bogus calls?

Officer Cynical said...

@Anon Dec 8: Our dispatch is permitted essentially no discretion to refuse service. They try to weed out the BS, but if you call, we show up.