Monday, December 22, 2014

Accent On The "Bitch"

It used to be that people who were being dealt with unwillingly by cops directed words at us that had a lot "ck" and "r" sounds in them. You get the idea: you'd wrestle some dirtbag into handcuffs, and they'd start throwing a string of multisyllabic "ck" and "r" words at you nonstop all the way to jail.

But things have changed. Nowadays, all those fancy words have been reduced - perhaps for the sake of efficiency or expediency - to one: BITCH! Note that I capitalize it for emphasis, because that's the way it's always used.

"Get away from me; I don't wanna talk to the cops, BITCH!"

"I ain't goin' nowhere with you, BITCH!"

"Get your hands off of me, BITCH!"

"Take these cuffs off and fight me, BITCH!"

"I'll kill you when we get to jail, BITCH!"

I pine for the good old days, when dirtbags could really cuss.


lbparker said...

Just shows the dropping standards in education--no imagination at all.

Anonymous said...

I think they've just been watching "Breaking Bad."

clairesmum said...

the dumbing down of America shows up in your squad car! tho I would have thought that the 'F' bomb was the most frequent flyer in the back seat.