Thursday, December 25, 2014


It's Christmas, 2014. I'm home with Mrs. Cynical and our dogs. A Christmas tree with wrapped presents underneath. It's perfect.

I hope anyone who reads this will stop for just a moment and remember all those cops, firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders who are out there working today. No matter the weather, no matter the family pressure, no matter any other circumstances, they're out there. And make no mistake: they're out there for you. When you're in trouble, they come. No questions asked.

In this day of anti-cop sentiment, realize that almost everything you've heard along those lines is simply bullshit. Cops are, almost to a person, honest, hard-working, giving members of your community. The last thing on their minds is starting trouble. They much prefer every encounter to go smoothly and without incident. Their main goal every day is just to go home to their families at the end of their shifts. But they have a job to do - sometimes a very grimy and violent job - and they're prepared to do what it takes.

In that vein, also please take a moment to remember the 114 (as I write this) officers who did not go home to their families this year. People just like you - lives snuffed out while doing a very tough job. For you.

Merry Christmas.


Sapphire said...

Merry Christmas, Officer and Mrs. Cynical!
Today, I am remembering the 114 fallen officers and sending prayers for their families.
To the paramedics who gently transported me to the hospital after a horrific car accident, thank you. To the police officer who stayed by my side in the ER, comforted me and called my husband, thank you.
To the 911 dispatcher who stayed on the phone with me and was the calm voice of reason while someone was trying to break into my home, thank you.
To the police officers who quickly arrived at my door that night and immediately and calmly got the situation under control and secured my safety, thank you.
It doesn't seem enough to say "Thank You" for all you do. On this Christmas Day, I count you all among my many blessings and pray for your safety. May you come home to the warmth of family and friends knowing you made a difference. Merry Christmas!

Sharon GARDNER said...

Merry Christmas Cynicals. May your Christmas and New Year be filled with happiness, health and peace.