Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Everyone Should Be a Cop

We are getting multiple calls about a man with a gun, walking along one of our city's major business arteries. The man is reportedly pointing the gun at passing cars.

The whole shift is going Code 3 to the area. I'm doing about 90 in a 40 zone.

I'm about 2 blocks away when I hear one of ours officers call out that she's on scene and has the suspect in sight. He does indeed have a gun in his hand.

Then, another officer calls out that "since there's an officer on scene, I'll be Code 1".

I just about go nuts. I get on the radio and tell him in no uncertain terms that he WILL continue Code 3 until we get multiple officers on scene and the situation under control.

This is the same officer I observed allowing an assault suspect to put his arm around his shoulder while he spoke with him in a dark parking lot one night.

This is the same officer who, immediately after I called out that I had 2 suspects at gunpoint in a stolen car in the middle of the night in a snow storm in the shittiest part of town, went 10-7 to eat lunch.

This is the same officer who, just after I called out for back-up on a traffic stop on an individual with multiple warrants, went 10-7 at a meeting with a business owner only 2 blocks away.

You dumb son of a bitch!


lbparker said...

Seriously, OC, how does this guy keep his job? Or survive his job, for that matter. He's fatally careless, not only to himself, but to others, as well.

Anonymous said...

Dumb? Sounds dangerous to himself and others. 5150 his butt.

The watch commander (if that isn't you) needs to be made aware of every instance. "Counseling" would seem to be in order.

maureen kaech said...

Lazy or chicken?

Anonymous said...

Sounds scared to me. Needs to be counseled out.

Anonymous said...

Needs to be assisted to find other employment, through whatever process that is legitimately done. This sounds like a cop who could panic and shoot someone...and Lord knows there is too much of that going on in America these days!
(not taking sides...but every profession needs to keep up its' standards.and i know it's tough cuz you need other officers to keep you safe out there...)but citizens can't do much about this type of cop....