Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My New ER Hero

For various reasons, cops spend a fair amount of time in ERs. Not long ago I had to take a guy there because he claimed to have been hit by a car while walking down the street.  Once we found him, he was obviously drunk and/or high, and was alternately crying (literally) for us to help him and squaring off to fight us because he didn't want us to touch him.

Once at the ER, they put one of those plastic horse collars on him because his chief complaint was head and neck pain. He continued cursing and threatening the ER nurses and doctors, and they went about their business in an outwardly cool and calm manner. Finally, the guy sits up and starts pulling at the collar, saying he doesn't want the collar on, doesn't want the nurses or docs to touch him, and he's leaving.

Dr. St. Francis of Assisi, who up until then had been just quietly gliding in and out of the room and speaking in low, soothing tones, suddenly grabs the guy by the shoulders, shoves him down on the exam table, sticks his finger in the guy's face, and hollers, "Hey! Knock it off! You are NOT taking that collar off and you are NOT leaving! So lie down, shut up, and stop acting like a dipshit!" And the guy did!

Epilogue: We found out later the guy had not been hit by a car, he'd been beaten up by his girlfriend and was covering for her.


Laura said...

Refreshing that you take him yourself and don't call a bus. I swear, 20% of my calls are for drunks that PD doesn't want to deal with.

Jono said...

He just FELT like he had been hit by a car.

Anonymous said...

Was he put in touch with services for domestic violence victims? Is that something you see a lot of, men beaten by women?