Thursday, September 17, 2015


There's been a real uptick in vampire, werewolf, and other monster types in the movies and on TV in the past several years. They all miss the boat. By a mile. Here are the real deals:

Vampires? Christopher Lee:

Werewolves? Lon Chaney, Jr.:

Dr. Frankenstein? Colin Clive:

And Frankenstein's monster? Well, come on now.....


Jono said...

The classics are hard to beat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a little before our time, but the guy who played the original, original vamp - "Nosferatu" - in the silent classic. Think his name was Max Schreck (?)

Terrifying. Positively. Terrifying.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that can beat a good old fashioned black and white monster movie.

lbparker said...

Yes to Max Schreck. Also Bela Lugosi. Those were the days when movies could scare an audience without buckets of blood & gore. They actually used suspense, and left a lot to our imaginations--shocking thought these days.