Monday, September 21, 2015

Marathon Man

There was a convenience store on my old beat, which was a magnet for crooks. I cruised their lot all the time, running plates.

One day, a plate came back with a registered owner who had an open felony warrant. I checked out his mug shot, then went inside looking for him. There he was at the check-out counter, so I went back outside and waited for him.

When he came out, I approached him and said I needed to talk to him about his warrant. He replied, "I don't wanna talk about it", and took off running. As he sprinted across the street, he dropped his wallet. Either he didn't notice or didn't care, because he kept on running. I chased him until it was clear that there was no way I was going to catch him, then I got on the radio to set up a perimeter. Long story short, the perimeter failed and we gave up looking for him after about an hour.

But unfortunately for the runner, I had two things that he probably wanted: his wallet, which had about $400 in cash in it, and his car. I impounded the car, and entered his wallet into evidence. The next day, I was notified that our boy had called the evidence room, looking for his wallet. He wanted the cash released to him. I told the evidence tech there was no way in hell I'd sign off on that. I also found out that he showed up at the impound lot trying to get into his car, and was turned away.

One of our cops lived a few houses away from the runner's mom's house, and knew the guy was staying there. Next time the cop saw the guy, he called it in and we went over and picked him up on the warrant, and a fleeing charge.

Some months later, I saw in the newspaper that a nearby agency was looking for him for another offense. I called the detective working the case, and gave him the information on mom's address. They picked him up there. The detective later called me up and thanked me.

Moral: Don't run from me.


Jay said...

Haha, They can run but they can't hide.

Rita said...

I used to tell my kids, "Don't make me run after you. I will double the punishment."

lbparker said...

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, was he. He actually kept running back to Mom's house? Every time?

Bobbi said...

@lbparker: They often do.

Some years ago, I heard this really loud knocking next door, the kind that just screams, "Police!" Close enough: parole/probation warrant officers, one at the front door, one at the back. I barely knew the person they were looking for, but I knew what color car he drove and which nearby street his girlfriend lived on. They had him an hour later.

Moral: don't move in next door to a former probation officer if you're skipping appointments with your own.