Thursday, October 8, 2015

Like A Good Neighbor

Look, I understand that you're having a run of tough luck, and that's why you're driving without insurance. I get it that you promise you won't drive anymore, if I'll just let you park your car here rather than impound it.

Now, I know you would never lie, but let's pretend for a minute that somebody else might. Ten minutes after I leave, that person would come back and drive the car away. Then, let's suppose they hit and injure somebody. Or kill them.

When it comes out that I allowed a known uninsured driver access to his car, I'm going to have writer's cramp from all the checks the court will make me write to the plaintiff. And it'll be coming out of my unemployment check.

So, I'm sorry, but your luck just got tougher. Your car's going to the impound lot.


matt johnson said...

I worked in insurance for 4 years and I can't tell you how frustrated I got that more officers didn't take that stance. I had people come in that not only did the officer not even have them park the car, they gave them a ticket and let them drive off. I mean what the hell, you know they are uninsured, why are you watching them drive off.

migraineur said...

I will admit, I had a cop allow my car to be towed to a repair facility, not an impound lot. I had 3 years of cards in my glove box, but the most current was expired. I also pulled up my online account and proved I had insurance, but no card on me (thank god for smart phones) Plus he was trying to calm down the young 'un (late teens/early 20s) who rear ended me and didn't have her card either (and no proof of history or online account access). She was also terrified of my husband and worried about her dog who was in the car at the time.

IDK why hubby scared her so badly, after he got out and saw she wasn't gonna hit and run, he was calm and easy to deal with, just frustrated, and not even mean physically/verbally with anyone involved. We all had the sun in our eyes, we saw the people in front of us brake, then signal to turn, she missed them and our brake lights, it happens