Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Too Much Television

I'm sorry someone bumped into your car in the mall parking lot over a week ago. I do appreciate you taking the initiative to call mall security and ask them about video that might show the  responsible vehicle. It's too bad things happened too far away for the camera to pick up anything other than the fact that it was a white SUV that hit your car. But, NO, I can't take the video to our lab and have it enhanced so that the license plate number can be discerned. Please either switch channels to something other than CSI, or just turn your TV off altogether.

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog!

Those shows Crack me up. ... especially how the star always says "zoom in on that." It's as if the one who's using the software isn't smart enough to figure out they have to zoom in to see the license plate. Only the idiot who's too dumb to work the software knows you need to zoom in.