Thursday, October 16, 2014


Does this happen to everybody everywhere or just to me?

You're in a long line waiting to pay at the grocery store or whatever, and they open another register. The clerk calls out, "I can help somebody down here." Great.

And then the last freakin' person in your line runs over and is now the first person in the new line!  What - the - hell? If I'm next in line to get to the register in my line, that means I've been waiting the longest and should be the first person in the new line, right? But noooooooooooo! It's always that last asswipe in my line, who's been waiting the least amount of time, who runs over and is now at the head of the new line like the king of the whole goddam world.

I feel this is total bullshit and someone needs to do something about it.


Sevesteen said...

Stores around here seem to call out "I can help whoever is next in line". Not enforced, but seems to help 90% of the time

Heidi said...

Not just you. Every once in a while a register clerk who gives a shit will come get the person who rightfully should be "next" to make sure this doesn't happen. Have you ever seen that? It's a thing of beauty.

More often than not it's just luck (or the lack thereof).

And, if you're mid-line, you have to decide whether it's worth it to bolt to the new line...will you improve your place? Lose to faster folks who were behind you?

You're right, it is total bullshit; and one of the reasons I prefer self-checkout when available.

Hildy said...

I know you'll hate this comment, but it doesn't bother me that the last people in line most often get the new register. If I'm next in line with a full cart and if there are a couple of people behind me, it would be difficult to extract myself and cart without inconveniencing everyone behind me.

What burns my butt are people who act as through they don't see the line piling up behind them, don't help bag, don't get their money or CC out until the clerk has bagged EVERYTHING and put it in their cart, and then they SLOOOOWLY go through the paying dance often electing that time to argue about coupons. Those people I want to kill.

Don said...

There is one form of queuing (Lining up) that most people find universally fair, and solves this problem.

Military Commissary stores used to use it, and I have seen it in banks, but few other places.

There is one line. Everyone gets in it. When a register opens up, the next person in line goes to it. No worrying about picking the wrong line, or the person ahead of you pulling out 10,000 coupons

Murphy said...

I refuse to move when that happens. I've been burned before--a store employee will COME TO ME to bring me to the newly opened register and by the time we get there, there are other people in line and I'm officially f*cked. So I just stay put.

Jay said...

I know that whatever line I'm in will be the slowest. Once you accept that then nothing will faze you.
Over here most stores now have checkouts where you put your own items through which on principle I refuse to use even if there is no queue.

Anonymous said...

I ask those people how they feel. They say fine and I say no how does it feel not to go by the fucking rules the rest of us follow.

Anonymous said...

Marshalls and TJ Maxx now have one line for all registers. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and they deserve some kudos for that.