Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Food Critic

I get a half-hour for lunch. That includes going to get it, taking it back to the station so I can do paperwork while I eat, and pounding it down. A half-hour. That's it.

So, when the sandwich shop is jammed with customers, there are only 2 people working behind the counter, and I'm right behind you waiting to order, it is not OK for you to ask for samples of each of the sandwich toppings before you decide what you want. A tomato slice is a tomato slice. Order up or get the hell out of my way.


Anonymous said...

Hell yes.

Carolyn said...

THIS. If you want to dither and ask a thousand questions, don't turn up at traditionally busy times.

Most days I make my coffee myself, but every so often either as a treat or our of necessity, I roll through Starbucks instead. A few months ago there is a huuuuuge line and there is a woman asking a billion questions about ordering a bunch of pastries and coffee to go. It was 8:15am. Lady, NO! NONONONONONO! There is no dialogue at this hour other than speaking your order and being told your total. Most days I simply need to remind myself that there is no knitting in jail and that the person isn't worth it, but it was not that easy that day. Appearing on the evening news was a near thing ...

charles said...

Asking for "samples" at the sandwich shop? Who on earth does that? Like they never had bologna or salami before.

lbparker said...

Another entitled snowflake. :-P

sp77 said...

You MUST watch the Simpsons episode where Marge starts a business selling pretzels (entitled "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson").

There's a scene where she has a line of impatient customers... but as soon as each customer gets to the front of the line, they suddenly become totally indecisive and take forever to order, even though there's only 1 item for sale- pretzels.

I've had a ton of retail/foodservice jobs- the 1st time I saw this episode, I laughed hysterically because customers are always exactly like that. They spend 20 minutes freaking out about having to wait in line, then as soon as you start waiting on them, it's like "Ah, now that it's my turn, I can take as much time as I want! Screw those guys behind me, they'll just have to wait..."

I swear that people don't even look at the menu until they have an employee waiting for them to decide. Then they probably need to make a phone call before they order, dig their wallet out of dimension X, complain about sizes/prices, want to use a coupon that they left at home (or an expired one), get some free samples... Then they probably want to pay with a fistful of nickels and pennies, spend 10 minutes digging for change, come up short, and finally pay with the $20 that they had all along.

C'mon, people! Use that line time to decide what you want, and for the love of god, hang up the phone and get out your wallet!