Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Just Another Day At The Office

This is old and a little long, but worth every minute. I hope the trooper got a promotion after this encounter.


Anonymous said...

Form the troopers tone and pace of talking, it's obvious he is messing with the guy. i love the part where he says he will cite him for littering.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this many times, and I was left in awe of this officers patience the first time I ever saw it.

Carolyn said...

"There's some more right there ..."

I. AM. DYING!!!!


That cop is my Spirit Animal.

clairesmum said...

Gotta love those Mainers. The taciturn trooper probably has a side splitting version of this story for his law enforcement buddies. The guy in the truck probably can't make a funnier story out of his version of the encounter cuz his whole story is kinda sad anyway...He sounds like one of those guys who started out with nothing and still has most of it in life - the mobile home in the woods with the four rusting trucks out back comes to mind. Wonder who he is voting for in this election?
And kudos to the trooper for his patience. Can't argue with stupid.