Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Everywhere A Sign

If the fact that, in response to your complaints, the cops are sitting on your street and nailing speeders almost every day doesn't deter people from driving too fast through your neighborhood, I don't think your 8" X 10" homemade cardboard speed limit sign on a wooden stick out by the curb is going to help much. Thanks for trying, though.


Anonymous said...

IS there a way to combat this? People drive 50mph down our residential street, which already has plenty of posted 25mph speed limit signs. I hate it, but I get the feeling that there isn't much we can do.

Anonymous said...

Try this (although I have no clue if it's legal so if you get in trouble, don't blame me): Put a few yellow cones in front of your driveway, no more than a foot into the street. (Other neighbors a little away from you should do the same.) Cars tend to slow down at sight of the yellow cones. Move the cones at regular intervals so they aren't always in front of the same people's driveways. Occasionally someone will take the cones out, but more people than not will slow down when they see them. On our street, we've been doing this at irregular intervals for several years now.