Tuesday, July 28, 2015

See You In Court

Parents are suing the PD for excessive force, because a cop shot at their kid as he ran over him. No word on whether the PD will sue the parents for raising a nitwit child who would run over a cop. Special thanks to all the citizens who just watched while the cop lay injured in the street.


Anonymous said...

Therefore goeth your name. Thank you everyday for the things and ( ahem) people you had to deal with.

Carolyn said...

How do they expect an officer to respond to his own attempted murder? He is firing only when the car was running him over - its not like he went all action movie and fired after the cars speeding into the distance and then threw the gun when he went empty!

And I share your disgust with no one helping the officer. The gunfire had stopped, the bad guys sped away ... the only person in any danger was the cop. I don't think I started breathing again until the one car drove up to shield the officer. F the guy sitting at the light feet away from him. F that guy! I know that most people assume that "someone else" will help so they should stay out of the way, but we need to stop doing that. If no one else is helping, YOU are better than nothing (assuming you have some knowledge of first aid ...) - and when EMS/Police/Fire or a doctor or nurse comes on the scene they can take over. But until they do, why not you? Give the help you would want for your loved ones or yourself.

I can't lift heavy things off trapped people. I have only basic first aid knowledge. But I can go to the person and just be another human being present for them. I can call 911 and actually be able to tell the operator something other than "it looks pretty bad from way over here." I can stand there or move my car in front of someone so they are not accidentally run over a second time.

Struck by a Turtle said...


You hit it spot on.

It's always someone else's problem. Someone else will call, someone else will take action, someone else will fix it. Someone else will pull a car up and shield the officer.

When does 'someone else' become ME?

In this society, never, except for a few, like you. And me. Let's hope that is enough. I pray it will be.