Thursday, May 14, 2015


I was on a traffic stop this morning outside an office building. Affixed to the side of the building next to the entryway, in plain view of the entire world, was this great big sign:
Standing right next to the sign was a woman, smoking a cigarette. I watched as she smoked it down about halfway, rubbed it out on the sidewalk, then put the unsmoked half back in the pack and went inside.


OldSquid said...

I work at a large hospital an our campus is smoke free, so this happens all the time. However, if you are a patient you can be discharged against medical advice, which means insurance will not pick up any of the tab for your stay. Granted most the offenders are on public insurance and not private payors.

Anonymous said...

The 'if you leave AMA your insurance won't pay' myth is just that, a myth.

Anonymous said...

It has been well proven that nicotine disables the part of your brain that allows you to read.
Smoke for long enough and it also apparently disables the part of the brain that allows smokers to identify and utilise a bin.

Anonymous said...

She should have stubbed it out on the sign.

migraineur said...

@anon 8:19

Depends on your insurance. HMO's often won't pay. Public health will, since they'd be paying regardless