Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sew or Vac?

Why are there so many "Sew and Vac" stores? Except for the fact that they both run on electricity, I don't get the connection between sewing machines and vacuum cleaners.


lbparker said...

Maybe they're the "small engine repair" shops of the appliance world?

Anonymous said...

Women. If they are going to buy a machine to make housework easier and their homes cleaner, they will also buy a machine for fun crafting that will make their homes prettier :)

The Lowly Technician said...

what lbparker said... both are machines that require some maintenance to the motor and other moving parts, but most people just go out and buy a whole newer cheaper one. People who get really good vacuums or sewing machines repair them though, but they both require special knowledge to fix, but are not common enough to only do one or the other.

Anonymous said...

'round my neck of the woods, we have BIKE and VAC stores.

Like, LOTS of bike and vac stores.

??? I guess this is a thing...?