Friday, November 7, 2014

No Sale

If you give me a massive ration of shit when I pull you over for speeding, don't expect me to select you to help me when I go shopping at the new car lot and find you selling cars there. You may not recognize me out of uniform, but I recognize you. I'd walk before I help you get a commission.


Heidi said...

And Karma bites a-hole salesman in the butt. As it should.

Qex said...

My dad once was in a used car lot, having seen a car he really liked. However, he had just come from the beach, and wasn't looking his best, and therefore was rebuffed by the first salesman he approached. The next was far more willing, and sold my dad the car. Obviously, having just come from the beach, my dad didn't have the money for the car on him, so he had to go home for it, and cleaned him self up properly before returning to the lot to pay for his car. The first salesman came right up to him, but my dad rebuffed *him* and sought out the salesman who had helped him earlier.

david said...

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