Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Deaf and Dumb in Both Eyes

When I'm a car-length behind you for a quarter-mile, emergency lights flashing and siren blaring, no, I don't believe that you didn't see or hear me. What I think, and every other cop who's dealt with you in the past and knows you're a meth head thinks, is that you refused to stop because you were getting rid of your dope. Since I didn't find it, I'm guessing it went in one or more of your many orifices. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I've been guilty of not pulling over for a while before, but usually when I tell the cop why they're ok. In the area I live in we have metal guardrails and high tension rails all over on the highways. I have several cousins who are cops that have told me NEVER to pull over next to one because if the cop comes to the passenger side door, you've put him between the car and the rail. One dumb@$$ trucker and.... so his choices are: @$$ to the highway or sandwiched between rail and car.

Anonymous said...

*knocks on wood* I've never been the object of an officer's "affections", but I have been guilty of not paying attention enough to get out of the way immediately. My bad. Sorry if it was you.