Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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The shooting of Laquan McDonald, armed with a knife, by Chicago Police on October 20, 2014. I have a personal policy of never judging the actions of another cop until all the facts are known. I know how absolutely crazy it can get out there, and how incredibly quickly situations can evolve in unexpected ways. I also know that a single view of an incident doesn't necessarily show the whole story.You can judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how much you followed this case or another Chicago case that broke almost concurrently but...

where was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton
where were the protests
where were the incessant calls for justice
where was the national media coverage

when 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was murdered, execution-style after being lured into an alley (just a few neighborhoods away from the LM incident) by his father's rival gang members in an act of retaliation?

Carolyn said...

First time I saw this video - I watched it because you gave me a reason that had nothing to do with gawking at tragedy. I had hope when I clicked play that I would see a gray area ... but to my admittedly untrained eyes ... I still can't figure out what made the officer open fire. I just don't see it.

The police officers in the videos where you show more than angle making the difference linked in this post from your earlier post "The View" - my only shock when seeing those videos was that the officers held of shooting for that long - that dude got waaaay to close for my comfort long before they shot him. But here? LM seems to be moving away from the cops or at least no closer to them. He is not moving toward anyone else that I can see. Again, in the videos you post on "The View" ... even in the first view that guy was setting off mental klaxons for me - the way he moved and slunk was very menacing. I don't see that here.

I am open to someone pointing out what I missed, but I don't think I missed something that would change my mind.

charles said...

"No Comment"

Yep, that is the best policy - I just wish the news media would do the same.

While I think the proliferation of cameras in society today can have the effect of "letting the truth be known" cameras do not always tell the whole truth.

Cameras can only present one view of the situation/event; and the videos do not show what happened just before or just after the filming started/ended.

Anonymous said...

Everybody apparently wants to be the Monday morning armchair quarterback in this situation. No one else was there at the time of the incident. We don't know what the punk had done prior to what is on this video. And we only have one view on the video. Police officers put their life on the line everyday they go to work. I am sick and tired of our government doing everything possible to discredit PD's all over our country. If the punk hadn't threaten an officer that night he most likely would have lived to be shot by some other punk. It is Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I had not seen the video before, and at one point, someone is pointing down a road. I thought they were pointing a handgun of some sort. I expected the officer to stop.

So much for my ability to assess what I am seeing...

I keep thinking about football refs reviewing plays and declaring "the ruling on the field stands." There are going to be times that what a dashcam sees isn't what the officer sees. Anyone reviewing a situation needs to balance what the officer knew, what they SHOULD have known and what other people knew from other viewpoints. This looks like a mistake to me, but I don't think I should be making that distinction.


Mark p.s.2 said...

There are bad doctors, bad carpenters , bad electricians , bad plumbers, whatever they produce shows if they are good at their job or not. It's up for a jury to decide if the shooting in the video was unwarranted.

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murder in chicago is very cruel , I myself was surprised to hear the murder. I 'm sorry to the incident , the victim's family may resilient over this incident