Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dying At Work

Not long ago, I attended the third police officer funeral of my career. This was the second by hostile gunfire. The other was a work-related suicide. I wish I believed there will be no more.

So far in 2016, total line-of-duty deaths, which includes auto accidents and illnesses, are down a bit from last year. But deaths by hostile gunfire are up 1200%.

The other day I was watching a panel discussion on TV about police officer deaths. One panel member, an attorney, said that he wants to see fewer police officers on the street. He said he wants to see police have less access to "militarized" vehicles and equipment. He said police shouldn't enforce drug laws, because they're "victimless". He said the 1200% increase in police officer deaths by hostile gunfire doesn't really mean anything, because the sample size is "small", and so a small change in numbers can cause a large change in percentages.

You know what? Go fuck yourself.

If you don't think the attitude of various governmental bodies, as well as an appreciable portion of the general population, isn't anti-police, you're not paying attention. Too many want fewer cops, more poorly armed cops, more poorly equipped cops. A few say outright they want dead cops. They'd rather see cops get hurt, or worse, than allow them to be appropriately prepared when the shit really hits the fan. You can bet that if the murders of attorneys were up 1200%, we'd be in a state of national emergency. You can bet if there had already been 12 of them this year, compared to 1 last year at this time, we'd be at DEFCON 1.

This is really pissing me off.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it was a defense attorney speaking on that panel. Honestly, I don't know how some of those folks can sleep at night, defending clients who are clearly videotaped committing a crime, or perps with a dozen or more credible witnesses to a crime.

As for other folks who think police are the enemy - they are the first to whine when they become victims of crime.

Anonymous said...

Amen - if ANY other group of organized workers were dying on the job at these percentages, there would be congressional investigations, Susan Komen-like organizations raising funds for awareness and research and PSAs all over the place. BUT, the one thing we do have is a tight network of LEO families praying for and supporting you all.

fallconsmate said...

what i'd like to see are better trained LEOs, ones who actually are able to do the job. ones who have passed their psych tests.

i'm in FAVOR of good LEOs. i am NOT in favor of the ones who keep hitting the news making the good ones look bad.

Mad Jack said...

Go fuck yourself.

Well said.

They, the special interest groups, the SJWs, the hate groups, the idiots... they expect the police to be perfect during every single crises. I could pretty much live with that, except that each and every single individual member of these insipid groups has their very own personal definition of perfection, and that definition changes arbitrarily with each incident - as reported by someone else.

I'm with you. Tell 'em to go fart peas at the moon.