Monday, August 3, 2015

Coming Close

Last winter, I stopped a guy in a full-sized pickup. I knew his license was suspended, and that he had a minor local warrant. The streets were slippery with ice and compacted snow.

I exited my squad, and began to approach the driver's side window. When I got about halfway there, the guy suddenly floored it. He made this screaming, fishtailing, U-turn, and the next thing I know he's barreling right at me. There was nowhere for me to go, so I just stood there like a dumbass, screaming at him to stop. If I hadn't leaned backward as he went by me, his outside rearview mirror would've taken my head off. And lucky for me, the ass-end of the pickup was fishtailing away from me as he went by, or it probably would've killed me.

I was confident he'd head home, and sure enough his pickup was in the parking lot of his apartment building when I got there. I didn't need to call for back-up - cops were flying in when they heard me call it out on the radio. Several of us went up to his apartment, and of course he wouldn't come to the door.

Meanwhile, another officer was in the parking lot, and calling out on the radio that he could see the guy looking out the window. He compared the face looking out at him with the guy's mug shot, and reported it was one and the same. We were going in there one way or another, so I got a master key from the building manager.

I repeatedly tried the key. Every time I'd get it partway turned, the guy, who was obviously standing on the opposite side of the door, would turn the deadbolt knob the other way. Finally, a brainstorm. I carry a multitool on my duty belt. I got it out, put the pliers on the head of the key, and cranked it. Leverage is a beautiful thing. The door flew open, and three of us piled inside.

The guy went over on his ass as we barged in, but started fighting right away. He didn't stand a chance. I had the pleasure of hooking him up and dragging him to his feet. The guy looked me square in the eye and said, "I didn't try to run over you, you know." Of course not.

Months later, it went to trial. The DA contacted me and asked if I'd consider reducing the endangerment charge to a misdemeanor. I told him absolutely not. Ultimately, he pleaded guilty to all of it, and was sentenced to a year in jail.

I hope he rots in there.


Carolyn said...

Me too! Sounds like a happy ending to me ...

REDUCING the charge? Up that bad boy to attempted murder of a police officer!!! That's insane!

You know - I took a turn on grand jury duty a long time ago and the most comforting thing I learned is that super-genius criminals are either a rarity or don't actually exist at all. I heard the case in which driver is pulled over for speeding, they hand over their documents, burglary tools are noticed in the backseat, cop asks about them and the driver peels away. No police chase because the officer is still holding all of this idiot's ID! They just go wait for the guy at home! The first time I heard this story I was amused ... by the end of my 3 month stint of 1 day per week jury duty I had heard that same scenario at least 5 times. Thought there was only 1 person dumb enough to do that! You can try to run from the cops - you most likely won't get away, but you will absolutely piss them off! :)

Jay said...

Glad he missed and that you're still with us. A year in jail is not enough he should have got longer. Perhaps he should be forced to also watch re-runs of strunk white weatherman's announcements and forecasts.